Infotech The start of sales postponed to June 30: a “reasonable decision”, according to professionals

The start of sales postponed to June 30: a “reasonable decision”, according to professionals

The government has decided: the start of the summer sales will be postponed, but only by a week, sparing the goat and the cabbage between small businesses in favor of a more important gap and the large brands in favor of maintaining the date initial, explains AFP.

“It is wise, especially in view of the current upturn in consumption, [de ne] not excessively shift the date of the sales. I suggest that it be postponed to June 30 ”, announced this Thursday, May 27, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire on France-Inter.

The new schedule will be formalized quickly by the Minister responsible for SMEs Alain Griset, said Bruno Le Maire. The sales period was until now scheduled from June 23 to July 20, but the Covid-19 epidemic has disrupted the activity of traders, leaving them on the hands of large stocks, in particular in clothing.

It’s a “Reasonable decision”, greeted the Alliance du Commerce on Twitter, which notably represents the major downtown retailers (Galeries Lafayette, Printemps) and major clothing and footwear brands. It “Allows: support of the activity, flow of stocks, replenishment of cash, pending aid, and customers who can have fun”, writes the organization.

90% rebound in clothing sales

Already, the summer sales of last year, then the winter sales, had been postponed, respectively by one month and two weeks, especially at the request of small traders, who wanted to sell for longer at a high price. after the closures imposed during confinement.

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This winter, their duration was also increased by two weeks, to extend the clearance period. Bruno Le Maire did not indicate whether this would also be the case this summer, but he defended this choice of a slightly delayed start:

“We talked a lot […] with representatives of traders, with major retailers. I know a lot of small businesses say we have to delay the sales. What I see is that […] last year they were postponed to mid-July, the result had not been convincing. “

This had particularly harmed Parisian businesses: at the beginning of July, the capital was emptied of many inhabitants who had gone on vacation, and tourists were few. At a time when household consumption is picking up with the reopening of shops, the minister estimated that not shifting the sales too much would make it possible to “Take advantage of this rebound in French consumption”.

Between Wednesday, May 19 and last Sunday, i.e. the first five days of reopening, clothing sales increased by 90% compared to the same period of 2019, said Bruno Le Maire.

The same sales period everywhere in France

The Trade Alliance had asked “Keeping the date” to June 23. She was afraid of “Losing customers located in large urban areas” and argued that a delay would encourage promotional offers before the launch of the “True” sales.

Small businesses are adapting: “Amazon, here we are! “

Conversely, the Confédération des Commerçants de France (CDF), representing small independent businesses, campaigned for a delay to July 15, with a maintenance of the period at four weeks. She wanted businesses to be able to sell “For a few weeks at least” the products of the current season “At the right price, without discount”, believing that it was unable to compete with the distribution giants in terms of promotions.

In its recent exchanges with professionals, the government planned to differentiate the period of the sales according to the territories. Bruno Le Maire did not mention this track this Thursday.

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