Infotech The State endorses the extension of “gas and electricity” aid to businesses

The State endorses the extension of “gas and electricity” aid to businesses

The support fund for large gas and electricity consuming companies, which aims to respond to soaring energy prices, will be extended until the end of December, according to a decree published in the Official Journal this Saturday October 1.

This text aims to “extension until December 2022 of aid for energy-intensive companies which are particularly affected by the economic and financial consequences of the war in Ukraine due to the rising costs of supplying natural gas or electricity ».

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Simplified device

As specified at the beginning of September, when this system, which was originally due to end at the end of August, was extended, the government also simplified it to allow more companies to use it.

In particular, the State has abolished, for aid capped at two million euros, the threshold of 30% drop in gross operating surplus over a quarter, a condition imposed so far to release aid. A simple drop in this gross operating surplus, calculated on a monthly basis compared to 2021, is now sufficient. “When a device does not work, it must be changed”noted Bruno Le Maire who himself had judged him ” too complicated “ early September.

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The system applies to companies whose gas and electricity costs exceed 3% of turnover in 2021. It is endowed with 3 billion euros in credits but was ” little used “hence the simplification, had underlined the ministry.

For the most significant aid, capped at 25 and 50 million euros respectively, a relaxation of the criteria is still under discussion with the European Commission, said Bercy, interviewed by AFP.

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