Top Stories The suffering of Ibb residents has been exacerbated by the continuing fuel crisis

The suffering of Ibb residents has been exacerbated by the continuing fuel crisis

The fuel crisis in Ibb governorate in central Yemen has renewed, and the prices of oil derivatives have increased in an unprecedented manner, which exacerbated the suffering of the governorate’s residents.

The general movement of citizens appeared very weak in the streets of Ibb, its secondary cities, and even in the countryside, as a result of the crisis in the governorate due to fuel, and it also reflected on transportation prices, especially between the countryside and the city, which rose dramatically.

Citizens and vehicle owners in Ibb said that since yesterday, the governorate has witnessed a suffocating fuel crisis and more than ever before, amid calls for an end to their suffering caused by the high prices of oil derivatives.

For months, Ibb and the rest of the provinces under Houthi control have witnessed a crisis in oil derivatives, but they are available on the black market at prices double the price set by the oil company.

According to informed sources, the crisis increased a day after Houthi leaders met to address the crisis of oil derivatives and their prices on the black market, as the meeting caused the prices of oil derivatives on the black market to double to double.

For the one hundred seventeenth day in a row, Ibb governorate is witnessing a major derivatives crisis, as long queues of car drivers continue in front of oil derivatives terminals to sell oil on the black market in available quantities and at fantastic prices, but the past two days increased more than ever before.


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