Top Stories The teachers union calls on the government to quickly pay teachers’ salaries in all governorates

The teachers union calls on the government to quickly pay teachers’ salaries in all governorates

The Yemeni Teachers Syndicate said that it is following the field situation of the educational process in all fields in general, and the rights of educators in particular, with great interest.

In a statement, the union called on the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, to direct the government to give education and teachers’ issues the utmost importance.

The Syndicate valued the efforts of Vice President Lieutenant-General Ali Mohsen Saleh and his continuous directives to the government to pay teachers’ salaries and support them in carrying out their duties in a manner that protects the national identity and the principles of the Republic, and in a manner that preserves the youth from Imami and Houthi thought and the ambiguous Iranian cultural tide of terrorism, violence and hatred.

The Syndicate commended all the recent efforts made by the official authorities, foremost of which are the efforts of the Vice President, the Prime Minister, Dr. “Moeen Abdul Malik” and the local authorities to pay salaries for the months of April and May 2021 AD to some of the displaced teachers.

The union emphasized the importance of The regular delivery of the salaries of displaced educators at the end of each month, and the speedy disbursement of the salaries of the “second batch” of displaced educators, who have completed the necessary procedures regarding their transactions, but the Ministry of Finance has unfortunately not released their salaries for several months, and we stress the necessity and speed of their release.

It also demanded the adoption of the rest of the statements of the displaced and the completion of the disbursement procedures as soon as possible, and the payment of teachers’ salaries in the governorates under the authority of the coup in Sana’a by obligating the Houthis through the United Nations and the international community to pay them, as this falls within their responsibility and duties as a de facto authority in accordance with international law. .

The union stressed that the government should fully and abruptly absorb the effects of the sudden and complete interruption of salaries on the most important and largest segment of workers and influence in the present and future generations of Yemen.

She also noted the importance of giving the education sector the utmost importance, so that it becomes a building block in Yemen’s recovery from the devastating repercussions of the Houthi coup and the war it imposed on Yemenis, and stopping the Houthi politicization of curricula and education and turning it into a tributary of war and an arena for recruiting young people.

The union appealed to the international community to provide stronger legal protection for Yemeni teachers, and to work for the release of educational detainees from the prisons of the Houthi militia.

The union warned all parents in the areas under the control of the coup against the danger of the Houthi summer centers on their children, and called on them to prevent their children from enrolling in these centers, and to beware of attracting them to them and then recruiting them to fight.

The union assured all male and female workers in the educational field that it continues to defend and demand the rights of teachers, and to confront violations of your right and the right of the educational process in general.


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