Infotech The tunnel of line 15 South of the Grand Paris metro completely dug

The tunnel of line 15 South of the Grand Paris metro completely dug

The emergence, Monday, December 20, on the site of the site of the Créteil-L’Echat station, of the cutting wheel of the enormous Marina tunnel boring machine breaking the last layers of land is proof of this: the tunnel of line 15 South of the future Grand Paris metro is now completely excavated.

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During a ceremony organized on site, the president of the Société du Grand Paris (SGP) Jean-François Monteils praised “A great draft of 37 km” resulting from the completion of the tunnels of this metro line, which is to link Pont-de-Sèvres (in Hauts-de-Seine) to Noisy-Champs (on the border of Seine-Saint-Denis and Seine- et-Marne) by crossing the Val-de-Marne.

An opening scheduled for 2025

Line 15 South has been under construction since March 2015. Ten tunnel boring machines have been needed to dig the 33 km of the line and an additional 4 km of connections since April 2018.

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This arching link in the southern suburbs of Paris will be “Longer than any line in Ile-de-France, and in France”, noted Mr. Monteils.

In the tunnel of the new metro line 14, on the way to Orly

Still, it will take another four years to complete the stations, install the tracks in the tunnels, equip them and test the equipment. The line is scheduled to open at the end of 2025.

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