Top Stories The Vice President of the Republic participates in the summit of the Green Middle East Initiative in Riyadh

The Vice President of the Republic participates in the summit of the Green Middle East Initiative in Riyadh

Today, Monday, Vice President Lieutenant-General Ali Mohsen Saleh participated in the summit of the Green Middle East Initiative, which was held in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on behalf of the President, Field Marshal Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, President of the Republic, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

The Vice President of the Republic was accompanied to attend the summit by a Minister water And the environment, Engineer Tawfiq Al-Sharjabi, in which environmental issues, climate changes and the positive effects of the initiative launched by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia earlier and aimed at limiting negative climate changes were discussed.

At the outset, the Vice President delivered a speech, expressing his thanks for the efforts of the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for hosting and adopting this very important initiative and for the care and attention they gave to the climate file in the Middle East, which is a reflection of the Kingdom’s vision 2030, the ambitious and comprehensive transition project.

In the speech of the Vice President of the Republic, he said: “It is my pleasure to share with you today – on behalf of His Excellency the President of the Republic, Marshal Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi – the inauguration of the work of the Green Middle East Initiative and the launch of this courageous and ambitious initiative that seeks to combat the negative effects of climate change and reduce carbon emissions in The Middle East region and moving towards addressing the environmental damage caused by desertification, drought, water scarcity, environmental pollution and other escalating climatic and environmental challenges that the Middle East and the world at large are facing today.

He added: “We support the efforts of the sister Kingdom to protect the environment and preserve nature at the regional level, and we affirm our effective partnership with it and with all international and regional efforts, and we appreciate this opportunity to restore to our countries and the region its luster and its rusty dress, and to benefit from the initiative in increasing the green area and increasing reliance on clean energy, which contributes to To protect the environment, and to be a natural ecological and economic resource that supports poor families and contributes to addressing unemployment, creating new job opportunities, combating poverty, improving the quality of life, and protecting future generations and livelihoods on the planet.”

The Vice President indicated that the launch and implementation of the initiative comes at a sensitive time that our Arab region in general and the Republic of Yemen in particular are going through, while the government of the Republic of Yemen, with the support of the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is working within the framework of (Project Pores) to remove tens of thousands of mines planted by the Houthi militia. The Iranian-backed Houthi militia is working in partnership with the Saudi Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen to build schools, plant green belts in major cities, reclaim agricultural land and support farmers throughout Yemen. The bombing of homes, schools and mosques, and the bulldozing of other large areas in the areas of confrontation and the uprooting of the green cover, which led to disastrous results that harmed the Yemeni citizen and the environment alike.

The vice president continued: “The ugliness of these militias is manifested in the most ugliest form through their control of the Safer oil tank, which is a tank that still contains more than one million and one hundred and forty thousand barrels of oil held by the Iranian Houthi militia as a time bomb that threatens the environment of the Red Sea and the international shipping line in light of the aging of the tanker. “Safer”, which needs urgent maintenance and unloading of its cargo of oil, as a result of the coup militias’ failure to allow it to be repaired and restored, unloading its cargo, and its refusal to deal with all relevant international initiatives.

The Vice-President noted that the policy of destruction, bombing and starvation pursued by the Iranian Houthi militia has caused huge waves of displacement for Yemeni families, the latest of which is what is happening in full view of the world by besieging the populous governorate of Marib, which is populated and displaced, where nearly three million displaced people from various Yemeni governorates have sought refuge from the terrorist militia. And backwardness, this militia has turned the lives of Yemenis into a living hell that devoured everything and caused the destruction of people, the environment and the infrastructure alike.

The Vice President affirmed Yemen’s support for the Green Middle East Initiative, and our country’s appreciation for the Kingdom’s tireless efforts to make this initiative a success, which puts a fingerprint of hope for future generations and establishes a distinct environmental partnership phase.

The Vice President concluded his speech by thanking the brothers in the countries of the Arab coalition led by the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their support to Yemen in the face of the Iranian Houthi projects of destruction and destruction, which reject all efforts and calls for peace, and for all brotherly and friendly countries who support Yemen to reduce environmental deterioration, control pollution, implement environmental projects and launch initiatives Promising I also wish the Green Middle East initiative success.

On the sidelines of the summit, the Vice President met with a number of leaders and officials and discussed with them a number of issues and topics related to our country and the Iranian Houthi coup that it is facing, which has caused great suffering to the Yemeni people. International peace and security.


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