Life Style The way to store mangoes, mangoes will not spoil for a whole year

The way to store mangoes, mangoes will not spoil for a whole year

How To Store Mango: Mango is the king of fruits in summer. The sweetness of all the fruits starts fading in front of the mango. By the way, everyone likes mango food. From children to the elderly, everyone likes to eat juicy and sweet mangoes. But those who like mangoes are sad that only a few months of mangoes are available to eat. With summer, mangoes also go away. Today we are telling you such a way by which you will be able to enjoy mangoes for a whole year. You can make mango shake and ice cream from mango and eat it throughout the year. You can store ripe mango in this way throughout the year.

Make mango pulp and store it- You can also use another method to store mango for a long time. For this, take out the pulp of mango and grind it well in a mixer. Now fill it in a one-time use glass bottle or box and keep it. If you want, you can keep it closed in a big bottle too. With this you can easily make mango shake or ice cream.

Store mango in pieces You can easily cut mangoes and cut them into pieces and store them in the fridge. For this, first peel the mango. Now cut the mango into thick pieces. Remove and discard the lumps. Now put mango in a plate and put some sugar powder on it. After this keep the plate in the freezer for 2-3 hours. Now put these mango pieces in a polythene bag with zip lock. If you want, you can also keep it closed in an airtight container.

Make and store mango ice cubes- If you do not understand any method and there is a shortage of space in your fridge, then you can make mango puree and fill it in an ice tray. If you want, keep them locked in a zip lock. If you want, you can store these pieces in a tray and keep them covered with polythene from above. Keep in mind that there is no air in the polythene.

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