Health The Yuka app calls on Agnès Buzyn to ban nitrites in our food products

The Yuka app calls on Agnès Buzyn to ban nitrites in our food products

The battle against nitrites in ham continues! From this weekend, users of the Yuka application, 10.5 million people in France, will see an alert appear on their screen. Whenever they scan for a product containing one of the four nitrites or nitrates commonly added to deli meats – E249 (potassium nitrite), E250 (sodium nitrite), E251 (sodium nitrate) and E252 (potassium nitrate) ) – a small window will appear above the classic colored dots. For example, we can read: “Presence of sodium nitrite. Additive promoting the appearance of colorectal and stomach cancer. “ By clicking on it, the user will land on a notice inviting them to sign a petition. This, developed in partnership with Foodwatch and the Line against cancer, calls on the Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn to ban once and for all the addition of these dangerous additives in food products.

After the “soda tax”, the “charcuterie tax”?

It is the first time that Yuka engages in such an operation. “It is in the logical continuity of our fight for healthy and less processed products”, explains Julie Chapon, co-founder of the application. Indeed, many studies highlight the formation, in the presence of these nitro additives, of compounds called nitrosamines. These substances are classified as probable carcinogens to humans by the International Agency for Research against Cancer (Circ) because of their impact on colorectal cancer, the second most deadly cancer after lung cancer.

“Each year, in France, more than 4,000 new cases of stomach or colon cancer are attributable to the consumption of processed meat”, indicates Professor Axel Kahn, president of the League against cancer, in a press release published with Foodwatch and Yuka.“The risk factor is identified and the nitro additives have something to do with it; we can no longer afford to pretend we don’t know. We must act. “

Campaign against nitro additives by foodwatch, the cancer league and Yuka.

To date, these risks do not prevent manufacturers from adding these additives to a myriad of products, since they give them a pinkish hue and prolong their shelf life. This is the well-known case of cold meats (ham, sausage, sausage, etc.) but also of many prepared dishes that contain them, served in canteens or available on the fresh and frozen sections of supermarkets. Thus, observes Julie Chapon in the press release:

“In our database, more than 12,000 products sold in France today contain these controversial additives for health. “

The Modem deputy Richard Ramos had already called for, in an amendment to the Social Security financing bill, the establishment of a tax on nitrites – amendment rejected by parliamentarians. This time, the three initiators of the petition urge the minister “To ban added nitrites in all food products, […] as soon as possible to protect our health. “ If the text convinces all Yuka users, the minister will hardly be able to ignore it …

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