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These 2 zodiac signs are going to get relief from Shani’s dhaiya

Shani Dhaiya 2022 : Saturn is considered a major planet in astrology. This planet is also called the giver of karma. It is such a belief about Shani Dev that it gives both auspicious and inauspicious results. When Shani Dev is inauspicious, he provides problems related to education, job, career, business and health to the person. At present, Saturn’s dhaiya is going on in Gemini and Libra.

The duration of Shani’s Dhaiyya is two and a half years. According to astrology, this dasha of Saturn gives a person the fruits of his actions. Shani gives good results to those whose deeds are good, those whose deeds are bad. This year the people of these two zodiac signs are going to get freedom from Shani’s dhaiya.

Saturn transit 2022 (shani transit 2022)
According to the Panchang, Shani Dev will change his zodiac on 29 April 2022. During this time they will enter from Capricorn to Aquarius. As soon as Saturn starts transiting in this sign, the people of Gemini and Libra will get freedom from Shani Dhaiya.

Shani Vakri 2022
On the other hand, this dasha of Saturn will start on the people of Cancer and Scorpio. On June 5, Saturn will be retrograde and in retrograde phase from July 12, it will start transiting again in its previous sign Capricorn. Due to the re-transit of Saturn in this zodiac, Gemini and Libra people will again come under the grip of Shani’s dhaiya. At the same time, the people of Cancer and Scorpio will get freedom from the dasha of Saturn for some time.

Saturn Transit in Aquarius
Saturn will remain in Capricorn till January 17, 2023, after which it will return to Aquarius. Overall, people of Gemini and Libra zodiac will get complete freedom from Shani Dhaiya only in 2023.

Shani Upay
According to astrology, if Shani Dev is sitting in a weak position in the horoscope, then during Shani Dhaiyya, life has to face a lot of ups and downs and there are chances of deteriorating work made. During this, there are more chances of getting cheated, so it is advised to work with caution during this time. To avoid the bad effects of Shani’s dhaiya, one should help the poor and needy people. Special worship of Shani Dev should be done on Saturday. Mustard oil should be offered to Shani Dev. During this, those who work hard should never be insulted. One should take interest in the works of charity.

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