Entrepreneur These 4 friends stayed friends after co-founding their company

These 4 friends stayed friends after co-founding their company

It was in 2018 that the quartet had the idea of ​​launching Dr. Jonquille & Mr. Garlic, an app, like a pocket gardener’s assistant, coupled with a trading platform for organic and reproducible seeds. “We were in Madrid for the weekend, and it was in the botanical garden that we wanted to create an activity around seeds,” says Gaël Brelet, one of the four associates.

Since school, everyone has followed different paths. Daniel Yamba specializes in project management, Hugo Sauzeau in web marketing, Gaël Brelet in communication and Théo Couton is a web developer. “We are lucky to have complementary profiles. For us, joining forces was a dream”, he underlines.

The four friends are associated equally

These four childhood friends, co-creators since February 2019, however, were not encouraged. The ominous birds predicted the most disastrous of fates for them: “You will lose more than a business, you will lose friends. Result, so far, so good.

Each being based in a different city, the thirties work remotely on the app which wishes to support amateur gardeners at each stage of cultivation, from sowing to harvesting. It will be free. To generate income, they are also developing a commercial site on which they offer seed kits as well as gardening accessories. On the legal status side, they choose the SAS (simplified joint-stock company) and join in equal shares.

Talk about something else when we go away for the weekend

“No one is more important than the others. As president, I have the right to sign, but we take all the essential decisions together,” explains Gaël Brelet. This is the strength of their operation. “Communication is central to our operation. If we feel frustrations, frictions, we defuse them. We have enormous trust in each other. »

Setting up this company together did not bring to light any hidden faults in one or the other either. “It’s a great adventure, launches its president. Don’t be afraid to go there. To succeed, the secret is to empathize and listen. And to know how to segment the professional and personal spheres. “You have to be able to talk about something else when you go away for the weekend to take a break and keep this beautiful friendship intact. »

The application has already been downloaded 50,000 times since its launch.

Dr. Jonquille & Mr. Garlic has now found its stride. Since its launch, the start-up has recorded 50,000 downloads of the application and 10,000 transactions on its merchant site. It has also launched a board game called “Teropaïpaï, the vegetable garden odyssey”. “We are doing excellent sales at Nature & Découvertes,” he says with delight. If the young shoot continues its momentum, it should reach 550,000 euros in turnover in 2022.

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