Life Style These easy ways to store onions for a long time

These easy ways to store onions for a long time

Kitchen Hacks Onion Storage: Onion is one of the most essential ingredients used in every household. The taste of food increases manifold with the use of onion. Onions are considered an important part of our diet. Whether to bring flavor to the vegetable or to add a wonderful tempering, without onion, nothing is done. It is eaten raw with food, that is, like a salad. In such a situation, due to its maximum use, people buy it in large quantities and after coming from the market, both its color and taste get spoiled if it is kept in the house for several days. Let’s go through these easy ways to store onions for a long time;

*A cool, dry and dark place is the best place to store onions for a long time. Always store onions in a place where there is no moisture or water. Onion starts getting spoiled even after coming in contact with water lightly. This is because they absorb moisture easily.

*It is also important to have proper ventilation to prevent rot in onions. Store it in an open basket, bamboo steamer or mesh bag. Avoid storing onions in plastic bags. After bringing onions from the market, keep it in an open basket immediately.

*Storing in nylon stockings keeps onions fresh for more than 8 months. For this, keep the onion spread inside the house so that it dries up. Now, start putting them inside the nylon stockings. After placing each onion, tie a knot and store all the onions in the same way.

*Never use the fridge to store onions.

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