Life Style These signs show that your partner is not interested in physical intimacy

These signs show that your partner is not interested in physical intimacy

Physical intimacy is also very important to take the relationship deep. Due to this, love and trust in each other remains between the couple. Usually after a few years of marriage or after having a child, it is natural for people to have a gradual decrease in their sexual desire. However, if these two situations are not with you, then you need to pay attention to your bedroom life because the bad relationship also starts from here. From some habits of the partner, you can understand that they are losing interest in physical intimacy and you need to correct it.

Symptoms of decreased sexual desire Due to lack of sexual desire in men, symptoms like excessive fatigue, mood swings, loss of confidence, muscle problems, inability to pay attention to things can be seen. Whereas in women, lack of energy, hormonal changes, mental stress, mood changes, self-initiation and urine infection can also appear.

Due to decreased sexual desire- There can be different reasons behind the lack of interest in physical intimacy in men and women. Usually it occurs due to some physical problem, side effect of certain medicines, poor lifestyle, too much stress, any surgery or too much fatigue. In women, it can also be due to hormonal changes that occur during menopause, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Apart from this, the previous bad relationship can also be a reason for this.

Remedies to overcome lack of sexual desire- To deal with this kind of problem, you have to work very patiently. Never make jokes about this or take advice from someone you trust. Do not take any medicine by yourself. It would be good that you talk openly with your partner on this subject and assure them that you are standing with them in all kinds of problems. Try to make your lifestyle good. If you find any serious reason behind this, then do not hesitate to contact the doctor at all.

After engagement, keep these things in mind till the wedding, otherwise the relationship may break

Want to get into a relationship with someone? Before that, know whether you will be able to face these challenges?


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