Infotech Thinking about retirement, while waiting for the presidential election

Thinking about retirement, while waiting for the presidential election

Presidential campaign requires, you will hear about your retirement in the coming weeks. Raising the retirement age, returning to retirement at 60, “sanctuarisation” at 62, systemic or parametric reform… Proposals abound. But before the outcome of the election, these are only fine words.

Macron and pensions: course to the right!

In the meantime, the reality turns out to be less enticing. The revaluation of pensions has stalled for several years now and no longer follows the rise in prices. The surge in inflation in recent months, influenced by the post-lockdown economic recovery, has made matters worse. In December 2021, one-year inflation reached 2.8%, according to initial estimates from INSEE. At the same time, basic retirement pensions, revalued on 1er January 2022, only increased by 1.1%. Supplementary retirement pensions paid by Arrco (for all employees) and Agirc (for executives) only gained 1%. For retirees

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