Life Style This is why a negative report comes even after showing the symptoms of corona, know what to do if this happens?

This is why a negative report comes even after showing the symptoms of corona, know what to do if this happens?

New Delhi: In India, the second wave of Corona has broken into havoc on the people. Around 3.5 lakh new cases of corona are coming in the country in a day and thousands of infected people are dying. But one question is troubling people a lot as to why their Kovid test is coming negative even after the symptoms of corona.

During this second wave of corona virus, it can be very dangerous to come up with a negative negative report at this time. This may delay treatment and the person’s condition may be moderate to severe. Inaccurate negative reports may also increase the risk of spreading the infection. First of all, it is known that fever, cold, cough, body pain, extreme fatigue and diarrhea are seen as common symptoms of corona. It is advisable to do a corona test when these symptoms appear.

Two types of tests
There are two types of tests available to know whether you have corona or not. RT-PCR and antigen test. Among these, doctors consider RT-PCR test to be the most correct.

What is RT-PCR test?
In real time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction i.e. RT-PCR test, a sample (swab) is taken from nose or throat. Once the patient takes a swab from the nose or throat, it is put in a fluid. The virus on the cotton mixes with that substance and remains active in it. This sample is then sent to the lab for testing.

100% No Test Accurate
The RT-PCR test is highly sensitive and also gives correct results to a large extent. It is important to know that no test is 100% accurate and there are many reasons why a person may get an incorrect negative report. Research shows that while RT-PCR test works well to detect viral presence in the body. Its accuracy can vary depending on many factors.

Human error biggest cause
Human error is the biggest reason for a false negative Kovid RT-PCR report. During the second wave, when there are too many cases, long queues, constant pressure to release the test results can cause a mistake. In the second wave of Corona, the number of tests has increased a lot. In such a situation, sometimes people taking swab samples are not properly trained. They do not take swabs properly, which may cause the corona report to be negative.

Negligence in taking samples
Defaults during swab, wrong way to take swab, low amount of fluid required to keep virus active, improper transportation of swab samples falls The reason for coming negative can be.

Reducing virus load
Immunity varies from person to person. While some people are able to cope with mild fever even while working easily, some people face a lot of trouble even if they have cough and cold. Similarly, in Corona, some people have many symptoms but in the true sense the virus load is low, so that the report is negative.

Sampled malfunction in transportation & nbsp;
Not managing the cold chain properly if the virus is exposed to normal temperature during transport It loses its viability and the report becomes negative.

Some food before the test
Drinking some food or water before the Kovid-19 test can affect the result of RT-PCR.

What to do if the test is negative and the symptoms of corona continue?
If corona symptoms are appearing and the test is negative then take full care. Keep yourself in a self-isolation, follow all the Kovid guidelines until normal health is reached. Stay in touch with your doctor. If symptoms persist, do the test again 3-4 days after the first test. Keep an oximeter, thermometer with you. Keep checking constantly. If your blood oxygen level (SpO2) falls below 91% then you need to go to the hospital.

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