Technology Thomas Pesquet: his daily life aboard the ISS

Thomas Pesquet: his daily life aboard the ISS


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Thomas Pesquet tells about his new life on the International Space Station, a space he shares with 11 astronauts.

So that’s what his life on board the ISS looks like, day and night … in zero gravity.

With only 6 berths and 2 toilets for 11 crew members, life aboard the ISS is not easy. “People are trained for this, through caving and scuba diving courses.”Recalls Thomas Pesquet. But despite this preparation, promiscuity remains a major aspect to manage for the inhabitants of the ISS. To preserve everyone’s privacy, the astronaut emphasizes the importance of the existence of small individual spaces for seclusion from time to time. Respect for others is therefore a key condition for a friendly atmosphere on board to be possible.

232. This is the number of scientific experiments that Thomas Pesquet will carry out on board the ISS. Among them, one particularly fascinates him. This is the one jointly organized by the National Center for Space Studies and the European Space Agency, with mini-brains. No science fiction in there, but the study of human brain stem cells on their behavior on board. The goal: to improve research on cerebral pathologies and related medical treatments. The experience of the blob, a single-cell organism, promises to be fascinating as well.

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