Technology Thomas Pesquet: the astronaut is back in Europe

Thomas Pesquet: the astronaut is back in Europe



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Thomas Pesquet is back on earth after his second space mission. Despite the exercises practiced in zero gravity, the astronauts seemed weak when they arrived on dry land. Laurent Desbonnets, journalist at France Télévisions, details the rest of the French program.

Thomas Pesquet arrived in Cologne (Germany) to get used to earthly life again. He will be taking numerous exams in the coming weeks. “The mission is not yet finished for Thomas Pesquet. He still has three weeks of rehabilitation in a specialized center in Cologne. He walks by himself but he has to get used to the earth’s gravity again”, explains Laurent Desbonnets, journalist at France Télévisions.

Thomas Pesquet must strengthen himself and regain the proper functioning of certain muscles. “We have fewer immune systems after six months in space. A fitness and a battery of experiments await the French. Experiments will be carried out on Thomas Pesquet, in particular on vision. Astronauts have already ascended during experiences in space, that they felt they had a different view “, adds the journalist from France Télévisions.

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