Infotech Threatened since March, the Ferropem factory in Isère and its jobs finally made permanent

Threatened since March, the Ferropem factory in Isère and its jobs finally made permanent

Towards the end of the showdown between the FerroGlobe government? According to information from the “Journal du Dimanche”, a solution is in sight to maintain the activity of the Spanish industrial group, which produces silicon under the FerroPem brand in Isère.

After lengthy negotiations, the Job Protection Plan for 357 employees, decided by FerroGlobe, was suspended until November 5. According to the “JDD”, the government has indeed obtained the maintenance of activity on the site and the sustainability of its 122 jobs.

The sequel after the advertisement

“To fight against inequalities, we must restore these jobs in the environment, which were those in industry”

Since the end of March, the future of two factories, Château-Feuillet in Savoie and Les Clavaux in Isère, was uncertain. In question: a “Lack of competitiveness” following the drop in demand and the fall in silicon prices. 357 jobs were threatened.

Several tens of millions of euros released

Used to manufacture electrical parts for photovoltaics and the automotive industry, silicon is classified in France’s strategic activities. This is why the mining group should also commit to strengthening its management, maintaining its investments in France and obtaining supplies from French suppliers.

In return, the executive would be ready to release, thanks to the France Relance plan, several tens of millions of euros in subsidies. This investment would allow FerroGlobe to decarbonize its French factories and improve its energy efficiency. This aid would benefit the Isère site, but also four other production plants in the region.

Recovery plan: Bercy or Matignon, who is the boss?

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On September 30, the environmental candidate Yannick Jadot went there to show his support for employees. This situation is above all linked to risky management operations, denounced the environmental candidate. I call on the President of the Republic to suspend the Social Plan and to force FerroPem, which receives a lot of public subsidies, to resume production, he cried, to the applause. Before him, the president of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Laurent Wauquiez, had accused the State “Inaction”.

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