Infotech TikTok, the social network at the heart of the war in Ukraine

TikTok, the social network at the heart of the war in Ukraine

We knew the crazy world of TikTok. This social network, owned by the Chinese group ByteDance, established itself last year as the most downloaded application in the world, ahead of the behemoths Facebook or YouTube, and totaling more than a billion users – including 15 million French. And since Russia invaded Ukraine, TikTok has become a central player in the information war.

For the foreign observer, the mini-videos are linked together: a Ukrainian woman appears in tears in front of her demolished building, followed by a montage glorifying the “ghost of kyiv”, this Ukrainian pilot who allegedly shot down several Russian planes, then a sequence on life in a Ukrainian bunker, before moving on to a video promoting Russian military power, then the touching image of a Russian soldier handing an ice cream to a child, followed by the kitsch one of a Vladimir Glorified Putin, before a Hollywood sequence showing a Volodymyr Zelensky as a defender of the fatherland, to end on the repression of a demonstration against “Dictator Putin” in St. Petersburg. Everything follows, everything mixes, without link or coherence, in a gloubi-bulga of more or less reliable information.

A post on TikTok from Ukraine. (TikTok/

At the time of war, TikTok, aged less than six, is fumbling. He does not have the experience of Facebook in crisis situations, having not faced the same controversies. If he has to assume his new role

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