Infotech Tips paid by credit card in cafes and restaurants soon to be tax-exempt

Tips paid by credit card in cafes and restaurants soon to be tax-exempt

Tips paid by credit card in cafes and restaurants will be tax-exempt, Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday, September 27. A measure intended to restore attractiveness to a sector in need of resources.

The jobs crisis is not what we think

“We have decided that tips paid by Carte Bleue would be free of charge for employers and tax-free for employees” with an implementation ” in the coming months “, said the president during a visit to the International Catering, Hotel and Food Fair (Sirha) which opens in Lyon.

The sequel after the advertisement

Cash more and more shunned

“This will add to purchasing power” employees in the sector. This measure “Does not cost anything, because today it does not work”, he added, “Because we saw it at the end of the crisis, our compatriots use less and less liquid”.

“This will allow you to attract more young and old to tell them: you can earn more than the salary and the bonus that I pay you”, concluded the Head of State, who regularly deplores the unfilled jobs in this sector, a headache for restaurateurs.

Franck, restaurateur: “Before the crisis, everything was going well for me. But the Covid will destroy my business ”

The announcement of this measure was applauded by the profession on Monday morning. “This is excellent news, because tips are part of the attractiveness of our businesses. But now that everyone pays by credit card or via applications, very often we no longer have money to add 3 to 5 euros for the service. When we have the possibility of leaving a tip on the bill, it will be much easier “, congratulated in advance this Monday morning Didier Chenet, president of GNI, union of independent hotel and catering.

The Medef applauds the measure

The president of Medef, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, was also pronounced, this Monday morning, in favor of this measure, so that the tips can be added directly to the bill paid by bank card without being taxed.

The sequel after the advertisement

The head of state had wanted in June a resumption of hiring, indicating that 110,000 jobs are to be filled in the catering, a sector with low wages, weakened by confinements.

Sunday evening, Emmanuel Macron participated in the Dinner of the Great Chefs, with the most famous cooks of France but also the main local elected officials, including the ecological mayor of Lyon Grégory Doucet, his predecessor Gérard Collomb, the environmental president of the Metropolis Bruno Bernard and the LR president of the region Laurent Wauquiez.

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Monday morning, he had breakfast with local elected officials, including Grégory Doucet and Laurent Wauquiez, to discuss employment, security and recovery.

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