Life Style To remove the inauspiciousness of Rahu transiting in Taurus, do these measures on Monday in Sawan

To remove the inauspiciousness of Rahu transiting in Taurus, do these measures on Monday in Sawan

Rahu Transit 2021: The month of Sawan is considered a very holy month. The month of Sawan is considered to be the favorite month of Lord Shiva. Chaturmas is going on. It is believed that in the first month of Chaturmas i.e. in the month of Sawan, Lord Shiva, along with Mother Parvati, visits the earth, and blesses his devotees.

The month of Sawan has started from 25th July. The worship of Monday in the month of Sawan has special significance. The first Monday of Sawan was on 26 July and the second Monday was on 02 August. Now the third Monday of Sawan is on 09 August 2021. Worshiping on Monday of Sawan removes the defects of Mercury, Moon, Saturn as well as Rahu and Ketu.

Transit of Rahu in Taurus
Rahu is transiting in Taurus. Rahu has no sign change this year. Taurus is considered to be the sign of Venus, the friend of Rahu. Rahu is considered exalted in Taurus. Rahu is considered a mysterious planet in astrology. Rahu also gives auspicious results. It is believed about Rahu that when Rahu gives auspicious results, then a person becomes a king even by rank. That is, there is a sudden change in the life of such people. Rahu is also considered to be the cause of sudden events.

Taurus Horoscope
The comforts of the people of Taurus will increase. To avoid the inauspiciousness of Rahu, avoid doing wrong things. There can be a sudden profit situation in terms of money and business. Do not take any carelessness in the matter of health. Practice cleanliness. Follow the rules. Doing this removes the inauspiciousness of Rahu.

Sawan Somwar Puja
Worship Lord Shiva on Sawan Monday to remove the inauspiciousness of Rahu. Along with this, anoint Lord Shiva properly. Chant Shiva Mantras.

Rahu Mantra
Om Raahway Namah:

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