Health To save fish, should we stop eating them?

To save fish, should we stop eating them?

“Stop eating fish. This is the only way to preserve underwater life. We must recognize in the very media columnist of the “Guardian”, George Monbiot, head of the Extinction Rebellion movement across the Channel, a keen sense of the formula. His editorial may date from May, he found new life on social networks, peppered with a booming hashtag, #StopEatingFish. It is no longer just the prerogative of vegans, but is used by defenders of biodiversity.

Because worrying information circulated everywhere at the end of July: the decision taken by the Brussels Commission to ban, until December 31, 2019, cod fishing in a large part of the Baltic Sea. Quite simply because this very (too) consumed fish is in the process of collapse. Remember that its fishermen only manage to take half of what they would have the right to fish, so poor have their stocks!

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Cod is not the only fish

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