Infotech Tobacco shops will soon welcome ATMs

Tobacco shops will soon welcome ATMs

Some tobacconists will soon welcome a cash dispenser, a further step in the diversification of these traders, who are also increasingly distributing postal parcels and collecting “proximity payments”.

About twenty ATMs will be put into service at tobacco retailers “From next November”, at the end of a partnership between the Confederation of tobacconists and Loomis, a subsidiary of the Swedish group Securitas specializing in cash transport, announces a joint press release on Tuesday, October 26.

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The 24,000 tobacconists in the territory will then be offered to host this new service, said Loomis and the confederation.

The number of distributors in decline

“Cash withdrawal is one of the essential services that the network can carry”, believes Philippe Coy, president of the Confederation of tobacconists, demonstrating “Local utility carried on a daily basis” by a network at “Unique mesh” and at the “Very high availability” open establishments “On average twelve hours a day, six days a week”.

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The number of ATMs offered by banks has decreased slightly in recent years, according to the Banque de France.

Tobacconists will thus increase the diversification initiated in recent years to offset the steady decline in tobacco sales, over which they have a monopoly and which still represents their main source of income. They make 40 billion euros in sales per year, including 21.8 billion from tobacco products, on which they receive a commission of 8.1%.

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From shopping to postal products

But these merchants also live on a myriad of other services: sale of games from La Française des Jeux (10.7 billion euros per year), betting from PMU (3 billion), bar and restaurant (1, 8 billion), sale of newspapers (1 billion), snacking (700 million), vaping products (220 million), or collection of taxes, management of Nickel bank accounts and postal parcels, sale of SNCF tickets, etc.

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A recent partnership was established with the distributor Casino, allowing them to accommodate a food department.

In addition, some 17,000 tobacconists are now “Postal product resellers” and 1,200 are post offices (light structures without banking services), representing 7% of La Poste contact points, according to the confederation.

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Also, some 12,000 tobacconists, or one in two, have collected 94 million euros on behalf of the tax authorities, for payment of fines, nursery, canteen or hospital bills, since the establishment of this service in July 2020, with more than 100,000 transactions per month.

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