Life Style Today’s Nakshatra: Pushya Nakshatra will be held after 8 o’clock on August 07, know today’s date and worship

Today’s Nakshatra: Pushya Nakshatra will be held after 8 o’clock on August 07, know today’s date and worship

Aaj Ki Tithi 07 August 2021: 07 August 2021, Saturday is a special day. According to the Panchang, Saturday is the Chaturdashi date of Krishna Paksha of Shravan month. Moon is transiting in Cancer on this day. Today there is a combination of three planets in Cancer.

Today’s date (Aaj Ki Tithi) – Chaturdashi
According to the Panchang, the date of Chaturdashi is on 07 August. The special significance of Chaturdashi Tithi of Sawan month has been given. The deity of this date is Lord Shiva. Worship of Lord Shiva has special significance in the month of Sawan. That is why the worship of Lord Shiva on this day is considered best.

Today’s Puja (Aaj Ki Puja)
Shani Dev- The yoga of worship of Shani Dev remains on Saturday. When Shani Dev is inauspicious, a person’s life is filled with troubles. Therefore, worshiping on Saturdays pacifies Shani Dev.

Pushya Nakshatra- Pushya Nakshatra will start after 08:15 in the morning. Pushya Nakshatra is considered to be the ruler of all Nakshatras.

Today’s Yoga (Aaj Ka Yog)
Siddhi Yoga remains on 07 August, Saturday. Siddhi Yoga is considered as an auspicious yoga. Siddhi Yoga is considered best for performing auspicious works. Success is achieved by working in this yoga.

Today’s Nakshatra
Punarvasu Nakshatra will end on Saturday at 08:15 am. The effect of Mercury and Moon on Punarvasu Nakshatra has been told. Those born in this nakshatra achieve success in acquiring new knowledge. It is considered to be the 7th constellation of the sky circle. Along with this, those born in this nakshatra are blessed by Lakshmi ji. Such people get respect.

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