Infotech Total in the land of black gold: the philosopher Alain Deneault accuses

Total in the land of black gold: the philosopher Alain Deneault accuses

Total has taken up residence in the land of black gold to carry out two highly contested projects: the drilling of 400 wells in Uganda, including 132 in the Murchison Falls National Park – yet protected since 1926 – and the construction of an oil pipeline. which would extend 1,444 kilometers to Tanzania. With four Ugandan associations (1), Les Amis de la Terre France and Survie brought this case to justice, a crucial initiative because it is the very first action based on the duty of vigilance of multinationals. On the eve of a hearing before the Versailles Court of Appeal on October 28, the associations made public an investigation entitled “A nightmare called Total”. The peasants who live on the coveted lands are, at best, tolerated; while waiting to be pushed elsewhere. The tanker denies the accusations and claims to have conducted ” impact studies »Serious so as not to harm people and nature. We asked the philosopher Alain Deneault, professor at the University of Moncton (Canada), author of a reference book entitled “What is Total the sum? Multinationals and perversion of the law ”(Rue de l’Echiquier / Ecosociety), to comment on this case.

Ugandan farmers are deprived of the usual cultivation of land where they have sometimes lived for generations and describe situations of extreme poverty induced by the presence of Total. Some can no longer feed their families – and that is just one illusion.

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