Infotech Toulouse garbage collectors vote to end their strike

Toulouse garbage collectors vote to end their strike

The garbage collectors of the Toulouse conurbation, on strike for almost a month to demand in particular the recognition of the arduousness of their work, voted this Thursday, January 13 the end of their movement and the release of the deposits after an agreement “satisfactory” with Toulouse Métropole.

“We are granted eleven additional days off for the arduous nature of our work”, explained to AFP Nicolas Refutin, secretary general of FO de la Métropole.

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Toulouse Métropole had conceded nine during the last negotiation meeting on January 6.

Add to it “ten weeks in summer” period of low activity, “during which the Métropole agrees to make working time stick to real needs, which are much lower than during the rest of the year”, also indicated Nicolas Refutin.

Various bonuses and better compensation

The community has also accepted an extension of the collective profit-sharing bonus: it was 300 euros per year for the agents of three depots, it increases to 450 euros for all the garbage collectors of the six depots, welcomes the trade unionist.

“The drivers will also receive a bonus of 360 euros per year, and 30 contract workers will be recruited”, added Nicolas Refutin.

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Finally, “a more attractive remuneration is offered for Saturdays and public holidays worked”, he said.

The garbage collectors, on strike since December 16, demanded 34 days of rest, in compensation for the 35 hours a week which are now imposed on them, against 25 hours on average until then.

“The agreement reached seems to be balanced”

This change implies for the garbage collectors the end of the “finish-party” system, which allowed them to return home at the end of their round, that is to say between 10:15 and 10:30 a.m., having started at 05:00 a.m.

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“The agreement found seems to be balanced, acceptable, if not ultra-satisfactory. Our arduous work is recognized and there is no loss of pay, which were our two main demands”, says Nicolas Refutin.

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The signing of the agreement between the unions and Toulouse Métropole should be done during the day, officially recording the resumption of collection, from Friday, in this agglomeration of around 800,000 inhabitants.

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