Infotech Transport, education, public service… Who is on strike this Thursday?

Transport, education, public service… Who is on strike this Thursday?

Smic, pension wages… The CGT, Solidaires and the FSU called for a day of strike and interprofessional demonstrations this Thursday, November 29. At least 200 gathering places are planned throughout France.

• The demands of the main trade unions

CGT, FSU and Solidaires will be united behind the banner “raise wages, not the retirement age”.

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The initial watchword of the mobilization concerned an increase in wages, pensions, scholarships and social minima in the face of unprecedented inflation. But the government’s desire to move forward with a bang on the pension reform has added the file to the demands. “Current events have the subject of pensions coming back to the top of the pile, explained Friday the secretary general of the CGT, Philippe Martinez. This is a first step for us. There will have to be others”.

• In education

Faced with an unprecedented recruitment crisis, teachers will also be mobilized on Thursday at the call of their main unions. The Snuipp-FSU, the main first degree union, calls on staff to join the mobilization “to demand a general increase in wages and 300 euros net for all immediately”.

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The Snes-FSU, majority in the second degree, calls for its side to march for a “increase in remuneration by at least 10% to preserve the living conditions of all public service agents and, then, a multi-year plan to make up for the losses suffered”.

Difficult for the time being to predict the participation of teachers, but disparities between territories are emerging, particularly in primary education. According to the Snuipp-FSU, nearly 20% of teachers will be on strike there, with 40% in Paris and 10% of schools closed, 48% in Seine-Saint-Denis.

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• In the transports

The interprofessional strike days often mobilize quite little at the SNCF, but this time, “It looks better than usual”, according to Fabien Dumas, federal secretary SUD-Rail. Especially since the CFDT-Cheminots is also calling for a strike, unlike the confederation which will not participate in the day of September 29.

Among the demands, wage increases, while the management granted in July increases of 3.7% for low wages and 2.2% for executives, without fully satisfying the unions. The lack of personnel is also a source of dissatisfaction.

The only union not mobilized at SNCF, Unsa does not wish to participate in this “return strike” but ensures want “keep your strength for the upcoming deadlines” – in its sights, the pension reform.

On the RATP side, where only the CGT is calling for a strike, the mobilization will be moderate, with disruptions on buses, trams and RER B, but little on the metro and not on RER A.

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• In public services

Certain services managed by town halls, including school catering, extracurricular activities and nurseries were called upon to join the mobilization, as were civil servants.

Three unions, including the CGT Health and Social Action Federation, have the health sector on strike and some hospitals will be affected by the mobilization. Removal of beds and “poor working conditions” will be at the forefront of the mobilizations. The sectors of childhood, disability and old age are also called upon to join the demonstrations. The national union of psychologists notably called on its sector to mobilize for “to oppose the breakage of their profession”.

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