Infotech Treatment to regain sight? Start-up GenSight fights Leber’s disease

Treatment to regain sight? Start-up GenSight fights Leber’s disease

“You already can’t see in your left eye… In the coming weeks, you will lose your sight. It will be brutal and irreversible. ” This is in substance the diagnosis which, on October 8, 2014, knocked out Julien Secheyron, 37 years old. This consultant for a high-tech industrial group tells us: “A few weeks before, I could see perfectly. In September, I had just felt a temporary discomfort, a kind of dazzling, while I was attending a wedding in the South

Three months later, Julien has become almost blind: “A whitish-colored stain like a permanent mist got bigger, in the center of each of my eyes. I was only capable of very reduced peripheral vision and all gray, with complete loss of color. “ 0/10 vision on the left as well as on the right. Unable to recognize familiar faces, identify objects, read, eat, drink or move around independently.

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On this fateful day in October, Doctor Catherine Vignal-Clermont, neuro-ophthalmologist at the Adolphe de Rothschild Foundation hospital, does not spare his patient: no, there is not yet a treatment for hereditary optic neuropathy of Leber (LHON), the rare disease that affects it. Just scientific research, started ten years ago on rats and macaques… What this great specialist has not yet told Julien so as not to give him

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