Life Style Troubled by debt, instead of descending, it is going up so do this remedy, auspicious yoga is being made on 4th May

Troubled by debt, instead of descending, it is going up so do this remedy, auspicious yoga is being made on 4th May

Vinayaka Chaturthi 2022 Date : In the scriptures, debt ie debt is not considered good. A person in debt finds himself desperate and hopeless. In this situation neither he sleeps properly nor does he know how to use his talent and skill properly. Stress and negativity start increasing in life. This is the reason that debt is considered as a curse in life.

Do these remedies on Vinayaka Chaturthi
If you are also troubled by the problem of debt, then you can get relief from astrological remedies. The measures taken to get out of debt on May 4 can reduce the difficulties. This day is the Chaturthi date of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month. It is also called Vinayaka Chaturthi. The special thing is that this day is a Wednesday. Both of these are dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Ganesh ji is also called debtor. These remedies can provide you relief on this day.

fix the direction of the safe
The vault and cupboard of the house should be kept facing the north direction, because the lord of this direction is Ganesh ji and Kuber. With their grace, the loan repayment amount is always with you.

Chant this mantra of Ganesh ji
This loaner Ganesha Mantra should be chanted eleven hundred times every week from Wednesdays and Chaturthi days. This pleases Ganesha and helps the person to repay the loan.

Keep this thing in mind while lighting the lamp
While lighting the lamp in the house of worship, a vessel of water must also be kept, because it is very important to include the five elements (sky, earth, air, water, fire) during the worship. Which removes your troubles.

Keep the Vastu of the house also right
To get rid of debt, first of all, one should see in the house that there is no wastage of water. Due to continuous falling of water even after the tap is closed, there is a shortage of money, and due to this one has to take a loan.

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