Entrepreneur ULM: it leaves everything to take off thanks to entrepreneurship

ULM: it leaves everything to take off thanks to entrepreneurship

“I am the only female pilot to have my own business in Normandy. Maybe even in France ”, is proud Elodie Martin. In January 2021, she created her own company of first flights in microlight, Aero Normandy. An exception in the very masculine world of piloting.

Little girl of two pilots of tourist planes, the flight is however not the first vocation of Elodie Martin. This microentrepreneur previously ran a tourist office in the Eure region. “Besides that, my husband flew small planes for his leisure. And I saw that many tourists asked for this kind of experience, while the offer is very little developed in the Eure. It was the click, especially as our department has magnificent landscapes, sublimated when you see them from the sky! “

A promising start blocked by the crisis

She then passes her pilot’s license as well as a master’s degree in project management, prepares her financing plan and carries out a market study. She then receives support from the BGE network from 2020.

Elodie Martin takes her first steps in entrepreneurship

Despite its great preparation, the Covid crisis is slowing its start. “First flights were prohibited until May. And summer is not the tourist season in the Eure, ”explains Elodie Martin.

” Corn I just couldn’t delay my launch any longer, financially it was becoming urgent! Fortunately, his network in the field of tourism has enabled him to achieve 8,000 euros in presales since the beginning of the year. She is now betting on a restart in September … “If we are not reconfigured!” », She hopes.

Several projects on track

And this setback has in no way eroded his ambition. Elodie Martin is already planning to leave the status of microentrepreneur to be able to deduct the purchase cost from its expenses of a second ULM. She has already spent 40,000 euros in equity for her first device. She also wants to have her own track in 2022.

While her first flights are for the moment mainly reserved “for gifts, or bachelor parties for young girls”, Elodie Martin also plans to diversify its offer, in particular by setting up a partnership with other local pilots to offer group flights for business seminars. She is also studying the opportunity to produce aerial photos and videos for professionals, for merchandising.

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