Infotech Unemployment insurance: a useless (and unfair) reform

Unemployment insurance: a useless (and unfair) reform

An unpronounceable word has just entered the social debate: “countercyclicality”. It is not aimed at those marauders who take the cycle paths in the opposite direction, no. It is used in relation to a reform that the government intends to implement to achieve full employment: the reduction of unemployment coverage when the economic cycle is favorable and companies, as is the case today today have recruitment problems. “When things are going well, we tighten the rules; when things are bad, we soften them”summed up very well the Minister of Labour, Olivier Dussopt.

This seems a priori struck at the corner of common sense: if the economic situation is buoyant, it is easier to find work. Therefore, why not restrict compensation (its access criteria, its duration, etc.) in order to encourage the unemployed to accept these jobs? Meaning: when jobs exist on the market, aren’t those who don’t take them

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