Infotech Unemployment rebounds: the number of job seekers in category A up 0.9% in November

Unemployment rebounds: the number of job seekers in category A up 0.9% in November

The number of job seekers in category A (without any activity) recorded an increase of 0.9% in November, or 34,400 additional registrants, to stand at 3.828 million, according to figures from the Directorate of Animation of Research, Studies and Statistics, the Dares, published this Monday, December 28.

“We are facing three waves of unemployment”

This increase comes after six consecutive months of decline, which was explained above all by shifts in unemployed people having resumed reduced activity (categories B and C). The number of unemployed in category A is about 10% higher (+ 341,800) than in February, before the start of the health crisis, according to the statistical service of the Ministry of Labor.

Stronger increase in youth

Including reduced activity (categories B and C), the number of job seekers in France (excluding Mayotte) was almost stable in November (+ 0.1%, or +5,800) and stood at 6.010 million .

For category A, the increase concerns all age groups but is greater among young people (+ 2.1%, i.e. +10,700 for those under 25) than among 25-49 years (+0, 7%) and those 50 and over (+ 0.9%).

Unemployment: “For young people, the impact of the crisis is much stronger”

These monthly statistics are published without comment on the Dares website which has decided to return, as before the health crisis, to an analysis of quarterly trends, less volatile.

Decrease in hiring declarations

The unemployment figures for November confirm other indicators published recently. Thus, according to the Central Agency for Social Security Bodies (Acoss, the social security bank), the number of declarations of hiring for more than one month (excluding temporary workers) has sharply declined (- 19.8%), after an increase of 2.5% in October.

The interim also deteriorated in November, with the equivalent of 110,000 jobs destroyed over one year against 80,000 in October, according to the employers’ federation of the sector.

“The third wave of unemployment will affect people made redundant because their business is doing badly”

At the same time, the November reconfinement led to a much weaker deterioration in activity than during the first confinement, with significantly fewer employees on short-time work and a concentrated impact on the sectors affected by the restrictions, according to another study. de la Dares published last week.

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