Entrepreneur Urbasense deploys its intelligent watering solution internationally

Urbasense deploys its intelligent watering solution internationally

With climate change, water management is becoming an issue for the future all over the world. Since 2015, Urbasense offers metropolises, communities and departments to manage the watering of their green spaces through connected sensors. The result is savings of 30 to 70% water. Five years after its creation, the company, which has around twenty employees, has spent one million euros in turnover. It is present in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Morocco. Development slowed down but not stopped by the coronavirus crisis.

Switzerland, the first step towards the international market

We immediately conceived UrbaSense as an international company “, Explain Michaël Fayaud, founder and CEO of the Versailles company. Switzerland is the first country in which Urbasense is established. A first step which required ” a lot of finesse », Especially for currency and customs constraints. ” In French-speaking Switzerland, landscapers were already using the same sensor as us. They especially asked to see the added value of our analysis of the data collected », Explains Michaël Fayaud. Under test on a few plant stations in 2017, Urbasense is accelerating from 2018. “ The sales cycle is long, which can go from 18 months to 2 years
», Indicates the general manager. The solution is now used by around ten communities, including the city of Geneva.

Testing the technology

At the end of 2019, Urbasense signed a first client in Germany: Wiesbaden, a city of 300,000 inhabitants located in the Frankfurt region. The covid-19 crisis slowed down the entrepreneur’s ambitions: ” In this very technical world, it is customary to meet ! »Far from letting himself be defeated, the founder offers free trials to compensate for the absence of salespeople in the field. A technique that had ” a strong positive effect On sales.

Win contests and calls for tenders

In 2021, Michaël Fayaud is counting on continued growth in countries in which the group already has a foothold. He also hopes to deploy Urbasense in Morocco, with a specific offer on sports fields. The company won a call for tenders there, including the management of the quality of the turf and the water consumption on high-level and training grounds.

After four years of self-financing, recourse to public financing and bank debt, the entrepreneur wishes to raise funds in 2021 to accelerate his growth. The objective: to double its workforce over the next two years by hiring German-speaking salespeople, but also agronomists capable of advising clients on their daily management. At the end of 2020, the start-up also won the Med’Innovant competition and the support of a sponsor, the Eiffage group. With, perhaps, a new lever for growth.

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