Top Stories US envoy: Houthi escalation in Marib is an obstacle to peace and exacerbated the tragedy of Yemenis

US envoy: Houthi escalation in Marib is an obstacle to peace and exacerbated the tragedy of Yemenis

The US envoy to Yemen, Tim Lenderking, considered that the escalation of the Houthi militia in the Marib governorate constituted an obstacle to peace, and exacerbated the suffering of Yemenis.

He said during a meeting with representatives of several NGOs working in Yemen, to discuss the many challenges that humanitarian workers face as needs continue to grow in the country: “The Houthi escalation in Marib is not only an obstacle to peace, but also exacerbates the humanitarian situation that It is already on the edge of the abyss.”

These statements come as the Houthi militia continues to bomb civilians in the strategic governorate, especially in the Juba area.

The Yemeni government confirmed that the militia continues to bombard the homes of residents in the Juba district with various types of heavy and medium weapons, ballistic missiles and drones, in a systematic and deliberate manner, to inflict the greatest number of victims.

The Minister of Information, Muammar Al-Eryani, also stated that hundreds of families from Al-Juba and the displaced were forced to leave the district as a result of the Houthi military escalation and the targeting of residential communities.

He called on the international community, the United Nations, the permanent members of the Security Council and the UN and US envoys, to condemn and stop these reprisals that affect innocent civilians and constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity, and to criminalize and prosecute those responsible for them from the leaders and members of the militia as “war criminals.”

It is noteworthy that the militias targeted a number of houses in the Al-Jarsha area of ​​Al-Juba district, in addition to bombing the only school in the area with missiles.


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