Top Stories US forces seize a drug shipment on a boat off the Yemeni coast

US forces seize a drug shipment on a boat off the Yemeni coast

The Joint Maritime Forces announced, on Tuesday evening, that a legitimate boat with a large shipment of drugs had been intercepted in international waters in the northern Arabian Sea, “off the Yemeni coast.”

In a statement translated by “Al-Masdar Online”, the Combined Maritime Forces said that the USS Philippine C (CG58) guided missile frigate, which was deployed in the United States Fifth Fleet and is working in support of the Combined Maritime Forces, intercepted “a shipment of suspected drugs. It weighed about 600 pounds (275 kg) from a dhow in international waters in the North Arabian Sea (off the Yemeni coast) on the 30th of last January.

“Seven bags of suspected narcotic substances were seized and tested, resulting in the seizure of about 600 pounds (275 kg) of heroin, valued at $ 2.89 million. This seizure, which was made with direct support from the Joint Task Force,” added. CTF-150 Of the Combined Maritime Forces, the seventh seizure of drugs since October 2020. “

The forces indicated that they had taken the necessary measures “to mitigate the risks of possible infection with the Coronavirus. The boarding team took precautionary measures that were carefully implemented during and after boarding, to include decontamination of all seized smuggled materials.”

The forces ’statement confirmed that their teams carry out“ maritime security operations outside the Arabian Gulf to disrupt criminal and terrorist organizations, thus ensuring that legitimate commercial shipping can cross the area without threats, the Joint Maritime Forces Division. ” CTF-150 It is currently led by the Royal Canadian Navy, which is leading the division for the fifth time. “

The smuggling of drugs and weapons has been active in the Arabian Sea off the Yemeni coast, since the Houthi-led coup against legitimacy and their control of state institutions in Yemen.

In early December, the US Navy announced the seizure of an unidentified dhow boat with a large shipment of drugs on board, off the Yemeni coast overlooking the Arabian Sea, in addition to four previous shipments that were seized during October and November.

Last year, the American forces announced that they had seized shipments of Iranian missiles and weapons, while trying to smuggle them in the Arabian Sea in the south of the country, while they were on their way to the Houthi militias that lead an armed coup and terrorist attacks towards Yemen and Saudi Arabia and threaten international shipping routes.


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