Top Stories US Senators express concern over Houthi violations against civilians and demand their cessation

US Senators express concern over Houthi violations against civilians and demand their cessation

A number of US senators expressed their deep concern about the terrible violations committed by the Houthi coup militia against civilians, calling on the international community to work to stop them.

The council members called for putting more pressure on the Houthi coup militia to stop its attack on Marib, which may cause an imminent humanitarian catastrophe, and to include Houthi human rights violations in meetings, statements and decisions related to the Yemeni conflict in the Security Council.

This came in a letter sent by 4 Republican senators to the US ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas Greenfield, led by the senior Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Jim Risch, and the prominent member of the subcommittee that oversees Middle East affairs, Senator Todd Young, and member The prominent members of the subcommittee that oversees human rights are Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Mike Crapo.

The letter called on the US ambassador to draw more international attention to the violent human rights violations and the mass indoctrination of the Yemeni people by the Iran-backed Houthis, and to work to stop the Houthis’ actions that would undermine the prospects for peace in Yemen.

She noted that the Houthis are working hard to change the fabric of Yemeni society and have engaged in mass indoctrination of Yemenis. This poses a very serious and long-term regional security dilemma – one that will surely ensure that Yemen remains stuck in a downward spiral of violence, war, and decline.

She emphasized that the militias practice arbitrary arrest and detention, torture, sexual assault and rape on anyone who does not agree with their extremist and sectarian viewpoint to suppress dissent, and developed a repressive intelligence service, such as the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, that operates outside the control of the normal “state” agencies and reports directly to the movement’s leader, Abdul Malik. Houthi.

The letter indicated that the international community has long turned a blind eye to the atrocities committed by the Houthis, and this lack of international attention has led to a culture of impunity, and as a result, the Houthis today are less willing to negotiate in good faith.


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