Technology Vacation notebook. What does Gallinius look like?

Vacation notebook. What does Gallinius look like?

Every Saturday and Sunday in the summer, we revise with our children! We open this new one vacation book” with a little history or rather prehistory!

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What does Gallinius look like? “He’s a runner, explains Claire Faÿe. It is one of the fastest running dinosaurs and has no teeth. It looks like a kind of large ostrich. And in fact, he runs so fast that the other dinosaurs, which are adorned with claws, horns and spikes, cannot catch him.”

A small step aside from the traditional holiday notebook to know everything, or almost, about dinosaurs thanks to Claire Faÿe, author and designer-graphic designer of the Cartoon notebook, In the time of the dinosaurs, published in animated editions. Claire Faÿe has been awarded several times this year for this book. She received the International “Educational Innovation” Prize at the London Book Fair, she is the winner of the “Innovative Digital Service” from the Ministry of Culture & Musée du Quai Branly, and she received the Silver Medal of the Lépine Competition .

“It was between 200 million years ago and 66 million years ago. There were 185 million years ago populated by dinosaurs, flying reptiles, marine reptiles. It really is an incredible period, and then incredible animals!”

Claire Faye

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Dear listeners and dear listeners of the chronicle Holiday notebookwe spoil you, here is a link to discover this exclusive Cartoon notebook, In the time of the dinosaurs :
Click here and it’s up to you to draw, create your own scenario and then you can watch your film!
You have all the holidays to enjoy it, this link is operational until August 31, 2022.

And to discover other flying dinosaurs, see you tomorrow with the rest of our Holiday notebook !

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