Infotech Veolia – Suez: competition, an idea in danger

Veolia – Suez: competition, an idea in danger

How to decide between two projects? On the one hand Veolia, the French water giant, wants to buy Suez, the other French water and waste giant, to form a world champion. For Antoine Frérot, boss of Veolia, 62, it is urgent, because China is gaining momentum, producing one champion per city and has appointed one to conquer international markets. With this argument, he quickly convinced the state and sparked the enthusiasm of the Prime Minister, Jean Castex.

On the other, there is Suez, who refuses to surrender and wants to continue alone. For its managing director, Bertrand Camus, 53, the danger does not come from China but from the United States. How can we imagine that technology will not revolutionize water treatment, waste collection and find tomorrow’s solutions to meet environmental challenges? The future therefore belongs to the most technological, the most agile, the most open, the most international group. He defended his project with a delay over that of Veolia, but he ended up causing the state to falter – the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire (51 years old) and his

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