Life Style Vibhishana is still alive due to the boon received during the Ramayana period!

Vibhishana is still alive due to the boon received during the Ramayana period!

Ramayan : If you know even a little bit about Ramayana, then surely you will not be unaware of the name of Vibhishan, brother of Ravana and devotee of Shri Ram, but there are many such secrets of Vibhishan’s life, About which few people know. After killing Ravana, Shri Ram had coronated Vibhishana by declaring him the king of Lanka, apart from this many other blessings were also showered on Vibhishana. Ramji’s information about his younger brother Vibhishana was of great help in eliminating all the warriors of Ravana’s camp during his ascent to Lanka. Due to this he also got the failure of being a house piercing. It is believed that the victory of Rama would not have been possible without Vibhishana. This was the reason why Rama gave Vibhishana the boon of being immortal and immortal along with making him the king of Lanka. 

Vibhishan joined the Sapta Chiranjeevis 
Vibhishan is considered one of the Sapta Chiranjeevis. Vibhishana also got the boon of being Chiranjeevi like Hanumanji. In such a situation, they are also present in the body till date. After the gods, Vibhishana was the first on earth to praise Hanuman by taking shelter. Vibhishana has also composed a very wonderful and infallible stotra in praise of Hanuman. This source composed by Vibhishana is known as Hanuman Vadavanal Stotra. 

Trijata became Sita’s only friend in Lanka
Ravana kept her in Ashoka Vatika after Sita’s abduction, the main guard there was Trijata. Trijata was the daughter of Vibhishana and Sarma and the niece of Ravana. She became the only friend of Sita in Lanka. Trijata narrated the whole situation during the Ram-Ravana war. From time to time in Ashok Vatika, she also used to increase the morale of Sita. It is said that Mandodari specially put Trijata on Sita’s guard. Like her father, Trijata was also a demon of the devotional side.

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