Technology VIDEO. Breast cancer: “It’s me again”, says Maeva when she bares her breast after breast reconstruction

VIDEO. Breast cancer: “It’s me again”, says Maeva when she bares her breast after breast reconstruction



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After having one breast removed as a result of cancer, it was decided two years later to perform a mastectomy on the other breast to limit the risk of recurrence of the disease. And after the installation of her two breast prostheses, Maeva has a big smile in front of the mirror… Extract from the magazine “1:15 pm on Saturday” of October 2, 2021.

If the average age of breast cancer in women is sixty-three, it was at twenty-six that Maeva fell ill, while she was pregnant. Almost two years later, she consulted Dr Isabelle Sarfati, holder of diplomas in general surgery as well as in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Maeva has undergone chemotherapy, radiation and ends up with a scar that runs through her entire chest. The decision is then made to perform a prophylactic mastectomy, or preventive ablation, of the other breast which is not sick, to limit the risks of recurrence and also for a question of symmetry.

That day, the breast surgery specialist visits her patient in her room the day after the operation: “How are you? Not too bad?”, she asks Maeva who answers her: “It’s going well, cool.” The doctor finds her “very mobile for someone who has had an operation” the day before. Maeva, who “do not let yourself be defeated”, impresses the practitioner. In front of the mirror in which the young woman looks at herself shirtless, Isabelle Sarfati reassures her: “Don’t worry about the color. And it’s normal that you don’t see a lot of relief. It will smooth out…”

“I find myself better”

Maeva looks at herself from the front and in profile. A broad smile comes to light his face: “It’s beautiful… Ah, yes… I’m so happy. Thank you very much. Great. Frankly, it’s so good!” The breast specialist then explains what will be done: “We are going to redo an areola and secondly all the fine-tuning to make it good.”

The two implanted breast prostheses now offer Maeva a balanced breast. His eyes shine: “There, I have emotion, she tells the magazine ‘1:15 p.m. on Saturday’ (replay). Really, I am very happy. It’s a great job, it’s super beautiful… Frankly, I wasn’t expecting such a great result. I am touched. I find myself better. It’s still much better. It’s me again. “

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