Technology VIDEO. Coronavirus: the mystery of its origins

VIDEO. Coronavirus: the mystery of its origins

Where does the virus that is shaking the planet come from? Mystery! For a large majority of scientists, it comes from China. For the Chinese authorities, on the contrary, it comes from elsewhere. Who is telling the truth? WHO experts, after months of negotiations, have finally visited China. But their inspection under close surveillance and their conclusions did not convince the entire scientific community.

Does the virus come from simple animal transmission, as assumed by the WHO? Or of frozen products that China would have imported, according to Beijing?

Has the virus escaped from a laboratory?

In France, in India, in the United States, researchers, supporting documents, throw the trouble and put forward another hypothesis: and if this virus, taken from bats in 2013 in a Chinese mine, had been manipulated in a Wuhan lab? Could neglect have allowed the virus to escape and spread? Is this scenario credible?

A report by Virginie Vilar, Olivier Gardette, Karim Annette, and Lisa Beaujour with France Info broadcast in “Special Envoy” on March 11, 2021.

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