Technology VIDEO. He dissects and popularizes the strangest scientific phenomena

VIDEO. He dissects and popularizes the strangest scientific phenomena


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YouTuber Germain alias Dr Nozman opens the doors of his lab and shows us some of his experiences.

He is Germain, better known under the nickname “Doc Nozman”. He broke through on social networks with his popular science vlogs. Today, he is very popular, especially on Youtube where he has a community of 4 million people. Each of his videos has between 800,000 and 2 million views. He agreed to open the doors to his lab in which he shoots all of his videos. If today, it’s a full-time job, the YouTuber nonetheless hides his enthusiasm. It is indeed a long-standing passion: “I was making videos, already before 18 years old. I really started earlier but did less and it was a lot less professional.“Also, biology and physics have always appealed to Germain.

According to Dr Nozman, if his videos are so successful, it is because he has succeeded in “bring together a lot of curious people. “”These are phenomena that surround us, which are there among us and which are feasible by everyone, all the time, when you want“,”There is always something fascinating behind the simplest of phenomena“, he concludes.


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