Technology VIDEO. “It’s incredible to see”: in Iceland, the lava geysers of a volcano offer a sublime spectacle

VIDEO. “It’s incredible to see”: in Iceland, the lava geysers of a volcano offer a sublime spectacle



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This show is even visible from the Icelandic capital. It’s been fifty days since the volcano erupted.

Periods of calm, and suddenly large lava geysers that can reach hundreds of meters high: thevolcanic eruption in progress for more than fifty days in the Reykjavik area offers a new spectacle, visible even from the Icelandic capital, as shown by these latest images broadcast on Sunday 9 May.

If a security perimeter has been decreed to protect the curious from the formidable shards of hot rock falling to the ground, many of them still come to walk to the edge of the volcano, located in the valley of Geldingadalir, near Mount Fagradalsfjall, at a forty kilometers from Reykjavik. “It’s amazing to see”, told AFP Henrike Wappler, a German of origin who lives in Iceland and is on her fourth visit. “The power of the Earth, I feel very small in front of it … But I’m not afraid!”, she adds alongside her daughter.

So far continuous and rather peaceful, the eruption (soon to be officially named “Fagradalshraun”) has changed pace for a week, alternating periods of breaks and angry throws. An intense roar warns that the explosion is imminent, in this uninhabited sector of the Reykjanes peninsula, at the southwestern tip of Iceland. “It evokes the sound of an airplane in the sky”, underlines Freyja Wappler-Fridriksdóttir, one of the more than 2,500 people who came to the scene this Saturday. “It’s not every day that you can admire a volcano so closely. It is truly amazing and so beautiful”, she marvels, sitting about 500 meters from the crater.

Visible for tens of kilometers around, the bright orange geysers illuminate the sky, with ever shorter nights in this month of May. The national meteorological office estimates that one of the most intense spouts observed exceeded 460 meters high Wednesday in the early hours of the morning.

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