Top Stories Violations of the Houthi militia in Ramadan … “Qat” in mosques, the ban on “Tarawih” and the expulsion of worshipers

Violations of the Houthi militia in Ramadan … “Qat” in mosques, the ban on “Tarawih” and the expulsion of worshipers

The Houthi terrorist group insists on preventing Accommodation Tarawih prayers in the mosques of the capital, Sana’a, “under the pretext of disturbance,” while the group permits its fighters to chew qat in mosques and enter them with shoes, a farce with religious rituals and mockery of Muslims.

Storm by force

The recent incursions into mosques by the Houthis to prevent Tarawih prayers have increased recently. The latest of these incidents was the Houthi militia, last Tuesday, storming the Al-Nour Mosque in the village of “Amad” in the district of “Sanhan” in Sanaa governorate, and its armed men prevented citizens from performing Tarawih prayers by taking the worshipers out of the mosque Then they turned it into a place to chew qat and listen to the speeches of the terrorist “Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi” over loudspeakers.

Faris Ali, a “resident of the region,” says that the Houthis stormed the Al-Nour Mosque, making a loud noise by chanting the cry, striking the doors of the mosque and cursing the worshipers, which aroused widespread dissatisfaction among the people.

His friend Bilal asserts that “their action is more severe than that of the Jews, and he added: Even in the West,” Muslims have mosques and have freedom to establish their rituals, and no one is exposed to them except “people sick with racism and hatred for Islam and humanity as well as the Houthis.”

In the “Misik” neighborhood, east of the Capital Secretariat, the Houthi militia prevented, on Wednesday, the imam and preacher of the Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib Mosque from performing Tarawih prayers and asked him to apologize to the worshipers and protest with fear of the spread of the Corona virus, which the Houthis deny its existence in the first place.

Abdul Jalil Muhammad says that the so-called “Yahya Al-Murtada”, one of the leaders of the revolutionaries, told the imam of the mosque that if he went out for Tarawih prayers, “calamity would be on his head”, which the neighborhood residents received with mockery.

Where a citizen called “M.H” told Al-Sahwa Net, “Why will Corona spread during the Tarawih prayer in particular, and people returned to pray dinner, sunset, afternoon, noon and morning in the mosque?” .

On Taiz Street, the group occupied the “Abu Dhar al-Ghafari” mosque on Thursday, and the gunmen raced after the evening prayer to reserve their places in the mosque in preparation for the departed and the storage, in order to block the way for those who wanted to perform Tarawih prayers.

Angrily Munir Al-Salahi expresses his anger at this act and said, “No one can describe this act except as terrorist,” and forcing people to follow their religion.

Shaher Ahmed explained that since the beginning of the month of Ramadan, the Houthi militia stormed dozens of mosques in the various governorates under their control, and closed some of them in front of worshipers, while other mosques were converted into places for the use of khat, and they installed screens to broadcast the lectures of the leader of the rebel terrorist group, and transmitted them through loudspeakers. The voice assigned to the call to prayer, although it invoked the disturbance to prevent Tarawih prayer.

Women’s mosques

Today, Friday, the “Houthi militia stormed the Omar bin Al-Khattab Mosque in Al-Mashhad district in Sana’a after the worshipers finished from performance The evening prayer and consuming khat inside the mosque and tampering with its cleanliness and properties.

The same mosque was stormed last Ramadan by Houthi gunmen who stormed the Women’s Mosque and stored qat inside the mosque and closed the door in front of the women who came to pray Taraweeh.

SAA, one of the chapel in the mosque, cried when she saw the way the gunmen entered the mosque, as some of them entered with shoes and were chanting sectarian slogans against Omar bin Al-Khattab, and she remembered the scene of the storming of the Women’s Mosque last year.

She says, “I did not see such acts except in historical films that talk about the polytheists of Quraysh, and I did not imagine that there are those who claim Islam and at the same time violate the sanctity of mosques in this way.”


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