Technology Virucidal mask, special coating, nasal spray … These new anti-Covid products that are snapping up

Virucidal mask, special coating, nasal spray … These new anti-Covid products that are snapping up

It is presented as the new benchmark of the single-use anti-Covid virucidal mask: the mask from the start-up Bioserenity, created thanks to a partnership between the University and the University Hospital of Lille, Inserm and the CNRS is available from Tuesday February 16, first for nursing staff and then for the general public. This device, made in France and based on innovative technology, makes it possible to “deactivate” pathogens present in the droplets and finer particles of respiration streams.

But this is not the only example: French companies have been competing with technical inventions, since the start of the coronavirus health crisis, to develop anti-Covid products. Many patents have been filed.

Another innovative mask : in fabric, this time, which destroys 99.9% of the virus in thirty minutes, according to its manufacturer. It is sold in pharmacies and tobacco shops, and it is impregnated with a virucidal treatment, called Viral Stop. The biotechnology company Proneem has invested nearly one million euros, or 25% of its turnover, to develop it in a few months. “I think we have done more than 400 tests on the Sars-CoV2 virus and on the variant, assures the manager, Nathalie Hagège. We will be able to wear the mask for three or four months by washing it about once a week. The mask went on sale at the end of December. “

“In a matter of weeks, we sold over 500,000 and manufactured a million.”

Nathalie Hadège, director of Proneem

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Among its clients, we find, for example, the French National Olympic and Sports Committee. The demand is such that the Marseille-based company with 20 employees hired three people this year and opened a branch in Seoul, South Korea.

For its part, the international group Serge Ferrari, based in Isère, ensures that orders for its anti-Covid coating are flying away. About a hundred customers, such as cinemas, museums and nurseries have already adopted this canvas, which can be applied to surfaces. “This year, we have high hopes for this technology and these products, because we have sold several tens of thousands of square meters until today”, explains Marketing Director Sébastien Baril.

“For us, a new market is really opening up, with applications in which we were not necessarily very present until now.”

Sébastien Baril, Marketing Director of the Serge Ferrari Group

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From nasal spray to interior disinfectant, new virus-killing objects are released on the French market every week. But not all are created equal, warns Rémy Reuss, responsible for relations with consumer organizations at Afnor: “You have to look in detail at the associated documents: instructions for use, information documents supplied with the product, tests carried out according to reference standards, European standards, international standards, French standards. It is necessary to check whether tests were carried out in laboratories independent of the manufacturer, in order to see if we are talking about an effectiveness compared to the current virus. “

Remy Reuss reminds that these objects should not replace barrier gestures.

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