Technology VivaTech show in Paris: Brut tested 6 objects of the future

VivaTech show in Paris: Brut tested 6 objects of the future



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Connected trampoline, connected glove, virtual games, 3D cakes… Brut was able to discover 6 objects of tomorrow at the technological innovation and start-up fair held this weekend at Porte de Versailles in Paris.

To encourage sports, this start-up has created a connected trampoline. To give players the impression that they are actually holding video game objects in their hands, this other company has developed connected gloves. Always with the idea of ​​optimizing the video game experience, this connected costume provides players with a certain number of sensations throughout the body, in virtual reality. In particular, he can feel rain droplets falling on his shoulders.

At the VivaTech show in Paris, Brut was able to test certain objects of tomorrow. “We make 3D printed cakes. The idea is to have a technology that allows you to focus completely on taste, so that chefs can invent shapes, textures and tastes that allow you to create new culinary experiences” explains Marine Coré-Baillais, founder of La Pâtisserie Numérique. Timescope “develops time travel experiences that allow audiences to see through the eyes of people who have been there, a few years back”describes Adrien Sadake, co-founder and president of the start-up.

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