Education Ways to protect your rights in renting student apartments in Edinburgh

Ways to protect your rights in renting student apartments in Edinburgh

“Encountered in the process of students study in Britain, in rented apartment by the problems such as “”dirty”” landlord KengPian, don’t choose silence, choose to maintain their own rights and interests by legal way. Here will come good in a foreign land to introduce several kinds of student accommodation Edinburgh when the rights of way, for reference.

One, to find the landlord complaints
1, there are channels of complaint handling a landlord: such as regular house agents, will have to deal with complaints department, you can consult relevant information on the intermediary website or make a phone call to ask. 2, no complaint handling channels of landlord: you need to make a written complaint, write down related complaints, let the landlord to investigate and then asks, the landlord will give you a written processing results and treatment. If you don’t satisfied with the result processing or landlord didn’t respond to your complaint, you can find the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for complaints or on the court. Warm prompt: England complaint application for the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR); Scotland must refer to Shelter Scotland. Against Second, complain to the related personnel of local government

The UK regions will have special responsible for the personnel to solve the problem of the landlord to the tenant, called the Tenancy Relations Officer (TRO), the main work is on the landlord to violate the law, coordination of tenants. When the landlord break a few, tenants can contact TRO: 1, the absence of advance notice you let you move out, such as: change the lock, threat you move out, throw you out. 2, violation of your interest, including: race, gender, sexual assault and harassment and threat hit people call names, etc. 3, refused to repair bad home appliances, furniture, or houses. 4, don’t give you a contract or Rent BookRent Book is the effective legal private Rent use proved that in the absence of contract, Rent, the Book can be a legal effect, record every month pay Rent. For Rent Book, students in the WH Smith and Ryman the stationery shop to buy, you can use it to record every time to pay the Rent bill. In general, TRO when receiving your complaint application, will contact your landlord and relevant legal provisions, there are a lot of private landlord does not know the clear legal provisions content), in the case of they know that the law also choose to ignore, TRO to penalties, if hit the law, will be fined accordingly and get a criminal record, if the circumstances are serious, could face jail and compensation. TOR’s contact information, can check it on the government website, or contact the district government, they will provide you with contact information, also can enter your zip code.

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Edinburgh student housing rights of way”

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