Infotech “We are at the point of no return”: the caregivers of the Bordeaux University Hospital, one of the largest in France, called to an indefinite strike

“We are at the point of no return”: the caregivers of the Bordeaux University Hospital, one of the largest in France, called to an indefinite strike

The caregivers of the CHU de Bordeaux, one of the largest in France, are called this Tuesday, June 28 to an indefinite strike by their unions which are demanding hiring and salary increases before a summer which is announced. ” very complicated “.

“This is the first time that an indefinite strike has been organized in the summer. We are at the point of no return”told AFP Alain Es Sebbar, secretary of the CGT of the Pellegrin hospital, one of the three establishments of the CHU, the largest employer in New Aquitaine with more than 14,000 employees.

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Why the hospital is facing a “risk of health cataclysm”

Bulk Quoting “the frozen index point”them “random bonuses”the “lack of recruitment”the “closing of services and beds”, “Galloping outsourcing”the “illegal recall on rest and leave”the FO, CGT and SUD Santé unions are asking for hiring, while the lack of arms has already pushed management to filter access to emergencies from 5 p.m., since the end of May.

To attract new recruits, unions are calling for higher wages “from 300 euros minimum” for nursing, administrative and technical staff.

600 beds closed this summer

According to Jacques Ollivier, SUD Santé delegate for the CHU, this call is addressed to all healthcare personnel, i.e. some 11,000 people, “nurses and nursing assistants but also 180 other professions such as laboratory technicians, medical secretaries, radiologists, physiotherapists, social workers, launderers”.

“At this stage, we count 5 notices out of the 8,222 agents scheduled for the schedule (Tuesday) morning”the hospital’s communications department said Monday evening.

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“Our patients are in danger! “: the alert of caregivers on the situation of the hospital

According to Pascal Gaubert, FO representative at the CHU, “this strike is rather political and symbolic, to put pressure on management this summer, to see if they keep their promise to hire”.

To relieve the staff, management already announced last week that 600 beds would be closed this summer. “We must be able to give leave, three weeks, between June and September because we want to protect the teams, the professionals who love their work, so that they do not flee the hospital”explained Stéphanie Fazi-Leblanc, deputy director general of the CHU.

But for Alain Es Sebbar, “It’s not new, [les 600 lits] are already closed”.

“Otherwise, it’s a crash”

“Summer is going to be very complicated”says Jacques Ollivier, while the region, which is very touristy, experiences a large influx of holidaymakers every summer.

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Definitely need to hire “otherwise it’s a crash”explains Pascal Gaubert, of FO. “We are missing 200 vacant positions at the CHU, especially among nurses and nursing assistants, and we have an absenteeism of 12% on average, with today nearly 250 people on leave. This makes [au total] almost 500 fewer agents. »

“Those who leave are never replaced, so the staff are exhausted, it’s a cascade. And then there was the Covid: many left, changed jobs or went on leave.assures Pascal Gaubert.

“We have never had so many caregivers who no longer want to practice”

“Everyone is affected, not just caregivers. Just on pharmacy assistants, five are leaving this summer”also alerts Alain Es Sebbar of the CGT.

According to these union officials, the management has promised the arrival of 250 school leavers from the end of August to October. “But still it is necessary […] that we manage to keep them and perpetuate them on the posts”tempers Pascal Gaubert.

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Since mid-May, the adult emergency room of the Pellegrin hospital, under pressure due to lack of staff, only accepts at night patients who have previously called 15 to be referred remotely by a doctor, so as to eliminate the cases which can be satisfied with the medicine of the city.

Even on strike, hospital staff are required to provide a minimum service.

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