Infotech “We buy useful and useless… and it’s not expensive”: these French won over by Action stores

“We buy useful and useless… and it’s not expensive”: these French won over by Action stores

Jessica and Patrice do not yet know if they will be eligible for the aid that will be paid to some of the French at the start of the school year, but on this Friday of the Ascension Bridge, they have decided to have fun. The pay has just fallen, it’s a good day to run errands with their 9 year old eldest. After coffee, the family jumped into the Ford Kuga and left their village of La Fouillade. Direction Villefranche-de-Rouergue (12,000 inhabitants) and its shops, 20 kilometers away.

The stop they’re looking forward to the most is a visit to Action, a cut-price store that replaced a disused Mr. Bricolage in 2018. In the parking lot, Jessica, an elegant thirty-year-old in a sailor sweater, is having fun. “When you go down to town, it’s a must, to see what’s new”, says this caregiver. Her husband Patrice, employee at the county council, completes:

“We take useful things… and useless things. It’s not expensive, it’s good for us who are not very rich, even if, when we arrive at the cash register, it can reach 50 euros! »

Their daughter got ahead: her parents gave her 5 euros to buy drawing materials. He will go for a stroll on the DIY side, she on the decoration side: “I could find all that at But, but much more expensive. »

670 stores in France

Many do like Jessica and Patrice. And not just in Aveyron. In April 2022, 11 million French people visited the Dutch brand Action, i.e. 38% of households and up to 51% of families

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