Technology We have (often) walked on the moon

We have (often) walked on the moon

“They came one after another through the sky to visit you”, sings Guy Béart with regret, noting that now we dare to familiarize ourselves with the Moon. This song dates from 1977, eight years after man set foot on the moon. And we feel that something has gone stale, that the prestige of the Moon is no longer the same, now that we have walked there.

And besides, we hadn’t waited for Neil Armstrong and a handful of other American astronauts to go to the Moon for us to have the impression that our satellite had become our inner suburbs, a rather banal destination. In 1964, Anne Sylvestre sings about a worry: and if everyone goes to the moon, who will be left to keep the earth?

In the second episode of These songs that make the news airing this weekend, you hear excerpts from:

Guy Beart, Of the moon that remembers,1977

Anne Sylvester, If they all spin into the moon, 1964

Tintin, we walked on the moon,1964

Benjamin Lazar,vials of dew in The Other World or The Estates and Empires of the Moon by Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac, 1650 (2004 recording)

Jean Paillaud, The Flag of the French, 1963

Gerard Palaprat, A man disappeared in the sky1971

David Bowie, Space Oddity, 1969

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