Infotech “We withdraw the same amount each week and we see what we have left”: in Le Creusot, life under inflation

“We withdraw the same amount each week and we see what we have left”: in Le Creusot, life under inflation

When asked about inflation, there are people who open their purses, who lay on the table the receipts highlighted in neon yellow and the patiently collected discount coupons, who worry about knowing “how high will it go”, which tend in front of the prices of gasoline, expenses, the rest. And then there is this dark-haired woman, in her fifties, who shoves the week’s groceries in the trunk of her car in front of a Burgundy Lidl before heading off to work, and who leaves us a little crestfallen: “What will it change to talk about it? »

Le Creusot, in Saône-et-Loire, 21,500 inhabitants. A still working-class city, a city witness to old-fashioned employer paternalism, built around the factories of the Schneider family – the statue of Eugene watches over the car park on the square that bears the same name.

After the ebb of deindustrialization and the liquidation in 1984 of Creusot-Loire, a group heir to the Schneiders, the “dark city” slowly brightened up. It has kept its old skills (Alstom, Framatome, etc.) and as a bonus has managed to attract new industries to its wastelands (in particular Safran aircraft engines), or the University of Burgundy which has taken up residence in the building industry. of red bricks where the locomotives were repaired.

The unemployment rate there is now lower than the national average, 8.7% in 2020, a rarity for an industrial area of ​​the 19th century.e century. It even happens that we come across “a few sores”penny

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